The First 10 years in 400 words

EMERGING from a vortex, Erick discovered information flows common to minds, matter & machines. Changing course towards a Ph.D. in Quantum Informatics, he designed an Intelligent Search Engine for the Connection Machine in '84. Linda added an agent-based interface with interactive animated graphics in '85. So armed, they approached vast storehouses of data, only to find them secured behind crystalline walls. Breaking through, they distributed the data in '88, fulfilling an Oracle's client/server prophecy.

In '89, with the search engine speaking SQL, the two rejoiced by diving into the virtual reality of interface as immersion. Planning only to play games, they discovered the power of multimedia storytelling with virtual worlds and in 1990 prototyped the IN-vironment, a reconfigurable spaceframe visually themed to support immersive group experiences, facilitate workgroup computing and house a full array of multimedia equipment.

Configuring the IN-vironment as a time-space portal & with the colloboration of ComputerXperts, they produced "Lost in VR", a philosophical group exploration using video, computers, & Mindwaves - sensory effects inducing group states of alertness, creativity, recepitivity & euphoria.

Bringing these technologies to the world of business in '92, the Infomaniacs liberated the flow of information between presenter & audience by crafting unique mythologies and virtual worlds to tell each client's story. Clients marketing with these Presentations as Adventures have been consistently victorious. In '93 the Infomaniacs launched Transmedia Voyages, experiental workshops where participants unleash the true potential of multimedia by creating their own adventures.

Meanwhile, back in the lab, they produced the pilot for "Science Theater" as an experiment. Educators declared: "a mind boggling, multimedia journey into the mind of the scientist - the audience experienced thinking as a scientist through this creative, conceptual exploration." Corporate sponsors are supporting its evolution. Vendors are contributing key technologies for the transformation of the IN-vironment into the CyberSpaceShip, outfitting it with 3D projection & sound, chord keyboards, bio-sensors, MIDI environmental effects & more. Powerdigms will transport the ship on perpetually novel voyages into the PSI channel.

For 10 years Erick & Linda have been un*forming and re*forming data, media, communications & philosophies. Clients say the results continue to be startling, exciting, impressive & profitable. The Infomaniacs deliver all this and more - through design, r&d, seminars, videos, infrastructuring, licensing & production.

Innovative clients, colloborators, sponsors & vendors are invited to join future voyages through the vortex into the constantly morphing infinite-dimensional realm of...


The Principal Infomaniacs - Linda and Erick Von Schweber

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