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By Erick Von Schweber
February 8, 1998
Comparison Chart:
The Internet, Internet2, and Next Generation Internet



Internet2 (I2)

Next Generation Internet (NGI)


Private and government

Private Consortium (UCAID)

Federal Government



I2 members - mostly universities, many networking vendors

Federal agencies, universities, and their partners

Implementation began

1960ís as ARPAnet

Late 1996

Early 1998

Length of program


2-3 years

3 years plus possible extension

End-to-end bandwidth



100Mbps, 1,000Mbps


Public and private electronic communication

Support university research on and operation of advanced network applications

Support development and operation of advanced Federal agency applications and research on network technology

Application categories

Distributed file system

Distributed and collaborative computing, multimedia

Distributed and collaborative computing, multimedia

Application examples

WWW and email

MPEG2 video conferencing, digital libraries, distance learning

Distributed data mining, teleoperation of equipment, remote medicine

Primary components

Backbone infrastructure and ISPs

Campus infrastructure upgrades, Gigapops, and vBNS

Two research networks, network research program, and applications connectivity

Primary protocol


IPv6 with QoS, multicast, and policy routing

IPv6 with QoS and multicast plus experimental protocols

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