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January 5 , 1999

Easy 3-D for Your Site

By Linda Von Schweber

Volume 18 No. 1

ScreenShots are below

Easy 3-D for Your Site

Platinum technology's Cosmo PageFX

This Storyboard shows some of the animation "frames" produced in real-time using VRML97.

This animated ad banner loops with
random variations every 12 seconds,
took 15 minutes to build,
and is only 21KB.

Top bar: The text is moving on a path and the logo is spinning.

Second Bar: Text moves closer to the viewer and the light.

Third Bar: Text cycles through colors, butterfly flies in, pool of water fades in and animates.

Fourth Bar: First Looks text fades in as pool fades out.

Platinum technology's Cosmo PageFX

COMPOSE: In the Composition View (top), You create and lay out media and animation paths.

PREVIEW: In PageFX's Preview Window (center), you can test the animation and interaction.

ORDER: The Sequence View (bottom) is where you drag and drop and organize bohavior, set up logic, and establish timing.

The tool box (far left) offers select, rotate, scale, and move forward/back, 2-D vector tools, 2-D and 3-D primitives, paths, lights, and magnification tools.

Palettes (far right): The properties and appearance palettes make it easy to apply changes,

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