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April 22, 1997

PC Magazine Trends in 3D for the Web
The PC Palette: Illustration Graphics
By Linda Von Schweber
& Erick Von Schweber

Volume 16 No. 8

New illustration packages give you easier, more responsive, and more powerful tools for creating vector graphics, both for print and for the Web

Linda and Erick Von Schweber created the testing script and wrote the introduction and all the reviews for this story.

Products Reviewed in Illustration Graphics:
Adobe Systems Inc.: Adobe Illustrator 4.1
Deneba Systems Inc.: Canvas 5
Corel Corp.: CorelDraw 7
Corel Corp.: CorelXara 1.5:
Fractal Design Corp.: Fractal Design Expression
Macromedia Inc.: Macromedia FreeHand7
Micrografx Inc.: Micrografx Designer 7

April 9, 1996

Sound, video, animation: Bringing together the diverse pieces of a dynamic multimedia event has never been easier.

PC Magazine Trends in 3D for the Web
Multimedia Authoring Tools

By Linda Von Schweber
& Erick Von Schweber

Linda and Erick Von Schweber wrote the introduction and the following reviews for this story.

Multimedia Authoring Tools Reviewed:
Macromedia Inc.: Authorware
Intersystem Concepts Inc.: Everest Authoring System
Looking Glass Software Inc.: MediaVerse
Oracle Corp.: Oracle Media Objects

Note - the following products were reviewed by other reviewers.
AimTech IconAuthor
Image North Technoloties Inc.: ImageQ
Macromedia Inc.: Macromedia Director
Asymetrix: Multimedia Toolbook: CBT Edition
Allen Communication Inc.: Quest

PC Magazine - Virtual Reality
Multimedia Authoring
By Linda Von Schweber
& Erick Von Schweber

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By Linda Von Schweber
& Erick Von Schweber

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