Computing Fabrics (1998-2003)

On May 19, 2003: Eric Lundquist, Editor-in-Chief of eWeek, recognized that IBM's On-Demand Computing, HP's Adaptive Enterprise, and Sun's N1 are all movements towards Computing Fabrics as we first predicted them in 1998.

On January 7, 2002: eWeek called our 1998 Computing Fabrics Cover Story "Prescient"
and declared The Grid, a subset of Computing Fabrics, "The Next Big Thing".

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Computing's Next Wave 1998
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Conferences and Workshops

Computing Fabrics are inherently inter- and multi-disciplinary, involving hardware architecure, microprocessor design, software architecture and methodologies, networking, application development, security, and issues that both cross and are unique to levels from set-tops to supercomputers. This burgeoning arena is in need of a gathering for the exchange of ideas and the creation of consensus.

Infomaniacs is planning The First International Conference on Computing Fabrics.

In addition to a technical conference we anticipate the need for a conference aimed at the needs of decision and policy makers and management such as: Management Strategies for Computing Fabrics.

Please send suggestions, inquiries, and intent to participate to


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