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Convergence Net

    Recent advancements in information systems have given us components and frameworks, distributed objects, object/relational databases, multimedia, real time interactive 3D, pervasive networks and the web, electronic commerce, and collaborative computing. How are these diverse technologies to be integrated and leveraged against each other in producing next generation systems and applications? The Convergence Net Project will build proof-of-concept networks integrating these technologies, thereby exposing the issues, problems, and opportunities encountered in developing such systems and suggesting design solutions. 

System Architecture supporting a Spatial User Interface to Data and Objects

    As the existing GUI paradigm gives way to a spatial successor, new questions and issues arise. The Spatial System Architecture Project will address each of these:  
    • How is spatial data distributed across tiers?
    • Through what forms does spatial data pass on its way from source to interface?
    • How are these distributed forms supported by existing and forthcoming database, component, 3D, and distributed object technologies?
    • What hardware architectures are suitable for each tier.


By Linda Von Schweber
& Erick Von Schweber

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