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    Powerdigms, short for Powerful Paradigms, introduces a new idea: that multiple paradigms, taken together, are required to see and understand ourselves and the world in its entirety, and that paradigm shifts, commonly thought to be a once-in-a-century event, are to be actively embraced as a way of life.  

    To realize this, Powerdigms develops a framework, based on recent advances in physics, philosophy, cognitive science, and complex systems, within which multiple paradigms can coexist and be complementary. Powerdigms presents the most powerful paradigms within this framework, making them personal and understandable.  

    Powerdigms will be developed for deployment in multiple formats: a web site, a popular book, a traveling show for schools and science museums, a permanent museum exhibit, a video series appropriate for TV broadcast, and a grand scale pavilion for theme parks.  

Time/Space Index to the Human Knowledge Base

    Imagine "Powers of Ten", the short film that portrays the many levels of the physical universe, from galactic super clusters down to subatomic quarks, reconstructed as a real time, interactive virtual reality. Add the dimension of time as a degree of freedom so that one may freely move from the present back towards the theorized early cosmos and ahead to its predicted futures. Now use this 4D structure as an index to our knowledge of the universe and man. This project seeks to construct a working prototype of this index using VRML, the web, and distributed object technology. 



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