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Introducing 3D
by Erick Von Schweber
Summer - 1995

3D for the masses! It's the new interface, the now technology, and the next market explosion. It's the message to be communicated and the story to be told. The introduction of the GUI brought a torrent of new users to the PC. Real-time 3D promises to repeat this phenomenon and bring the ever-elusive home market along too.

The early adopters must be enabled and the market-at-large catalyzed, seeded with visions of what is to come. This is the threshold to be crossed.

At first the door was shut tight, the threshold impassable. Then, in the Spring of '94, the door cracked open, just as we began researching Virtual Reality for PC Magazine.

And in April of '95 we blew the door off it's hinges with what COMDEX management has called an "unbelievable" show on the next dimension of personal computing.

Beyond the doorway awaits a realm of fantastic opportunities for all of us. It's time to cross the threshold.

Many of you are familiar with one or another of our projects. I must clarify at the outset that the Grand Vision presented here pertains strictly to the Infomaniacs' "communications" activities and makes no attempt to explicate our concomitant research plans for our Thinktank, although there is overlap.

The opportunities range from the marketing-oriented and educational to actually improving the quality of human life. Seriously.



By Linda Von Schweber
& Erick Von Schweber

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