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Maximum Impact:
Where Multimedia Meets Virtual Reality

Comdex Guidebook Description

Join the Infomaniacs in their lab with the fastest graphics accelerators, multiprocessors, and world creation and navigation tools.

First, you'll be briefed on Virtual Reality. Then you'll take a raucous journey through virtual worlds evaluating graphics, sound, animation, and video. There'll be monster screens, megasound, fog, strobes - so prepare for a session like you've never seen before - high technology Las Vegas style, as the Infomaniacs show you how to achieve Maximum Impact

CyberSpaceShip Adventures

Presented at COMDEX/Fall 1995

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After the show Jim Lucas, director of Conferences for Comdex, interviewed attendees. Jim told us that he had never seen such a satisfied audience and that "Comdex will never be the same".

Many of our sponsors reported that attendees sought out their booths in the following days, providing educated customers who came with intelligent questions and a readiness to buy.

The Call to Adventure - As presented in the Comdex Show Preview

Maximum Impact :
where Multimedia meets Virtual Reality

Live in the SANDS Ballroom
by Linda and Erick Von Schweber

Comdex Conferences
Date: November 13, 1995
Time: 11:00 am

Media Event

Date: November 12, 1995
Time: 7:00 PM

"You are about to take part in a great adventure. A rift has been discovered in the fabric of 2D computing. Early reports suggests it leads into the Multimedium - a third dimension where Multimedia meets Virtual Reality, a realm of immensely powerful tools and ideas. Can we bring these back to our world?

You will board the CyberSpaceShip powered by the fastest 3D graphics accelerators, equipped with 3D stereoscopic projection, controlled by the most advanced virtual reality software and peripherals, connected to the World Wide Web, and interfaced through 6 huge View Ports. Together we will venture into the Multimedium, navigate the World Wide Web in 3D, search for the origins of 3D computing, discover it's relevance and value, and learn how to extend and expand out capabilities in business, science, and art. Discover the secrets that create Maximum Impact!"



Thanks to these 3D and web pioneers, sponsors of the Infomaniacs' COMDEX/Fall '95 show.

  Team Ice

Sponsors provided Equipment, Funding, and most importantly, Mission Specialists - all properly outfitted and prepared for their jobs on the CyberSpaceShip!

  • Apple Computer
  • Metatools
  • 3D Artist
  • 3D/Eye
  • 3D Labs
  • Ampro
  • Audio Technica
  • Diamond Multimedia
  • Electrohome
  • Gemini Technology
  • Image Technology
  • Integrated Computing Engines (ICE)
  • Integrated Data Systems/Portable Graphics
  • Intergraph Corporation
  • Kingston Technology
  • Mondo 2000
  • PC Magazine Labs
  • PC Week
  • Reliable Software Solutions
  • Spacetec IMC
  • Stereographics
  • SOCS Research
  • UB Networks
  • Virtus
  • Virtuality
  • Viewpoint Datalabs
Photo Album

Maximum Impact: Captain Erick Von Schweber

Erick Von Schweber leading the mission

Linda Von Schweber as 1st officer

GALEN Brandt singing "You've got the Power", the song she and David Arkenstone wrote for Maximum Impact

Not pictured, but critical to the mission's success was Charles Ostman, our Science Officer.
Captain Ed LaHood of Vream (now Platinum), Erick, and Mission Specialists from Portable Graphics and Integrated Data Systems embarking on a trip through the Solar System
Mission Specialists from Virtus and Reliable Software Solutions observing the collision of Virtual Reality and Multimedia.

Team Ice, preparing to take us through a 3D Mandelbrot set in real time!
Part of the ICE Team, Char is the Coolest Mission Specialist !

Team Ice's #1, Char is the coolest Mission Specialist of all !


By Linda Von Schweber
& Erick Von Schweber

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