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SQL3D is Infomaniacs' technical architecture and schemata that builds on and extends industry standards to enable applications using 3D data to interoperate with each other, support multiple users in sharing 3D data without conflict, seamlessly integrate 3D, 2D, multimedia, temporal, and alphanumeric data, and exploit the strengths of distributed data and object management.

SQL3D integrates real-time 3D content into traditional data management systems and application platforms and provides such content with persistence, multi-user concurrency and consistency, durability, security, scalability, and distributivity.

SQL3D Explained
SQL3D Cafe
A conversational introduction
Escape from VRML Island
White Paper presented at the VRML Enterprise Technology Working Group, SIGGRAPH 98

SQL3D Conceptual Architecture SQL3D Infrastructure

Updated August 5, 1998

By Linda Von Schweber
& Erick Von Schweber

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